The Project

Harua village exists sixty kilometers North East of the vibrant city...

of Calcutta in India's West Bengal province. Situated between extensive water ways, mature mango trees and enveloped in vast rice fields, one hundred thousand villagers go about their daily lives in the peaceful and humble fashion you can find all over the province.

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Five years ago in Harua, two teenagers, Sonali and Kalam, founded NIR IDEAL HOME with hopes of helping the children in their village who are mentally and physically challenged. Sonali and Kalam approached the people living and working in the area in order to raise forty cents per month. From this they built a school(photo), set up classes and encouraged the children to meet new friends and learn new skills such as; sign language, embroidery, and carpentry (photos).

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January and February of 2009 afforded Sean and I our first encounter with a small number of Harua's people and the pleasure of their overwhelming hospitality. We were introduced to the area through a friend, Bani Bal, an Indian woman who has lived in Newfoundland for almost thirty years with her husband Dr. Ayra Bal and son Arnob. Bani has been involved with the registered non-profit organization, NIR IDEAL HOME and has been instrumental in the construction and operation of the school. NIR IDEAL HOME provides formal education, as well as practical training, for the people of the surrounding areas. The school has experienced a high level of success thus far in it's aim to provide free education for children, and is committed to a continued effort in this area.

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In recent months, as the school reaches out to a larger geographical area, the hardships of travel for students in rural India have become increasingly pronounced.

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Sean, Kalam and I traveled throughout Harua visiting families, and friends. In order to cover the most amount of ground, the three of us spent a great deal of time sharing the seat of Kalam's motor cycle....crowded, yes, but look at how some families travel....(photo).

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We have determined the most effective way we can help the young students of the area is to buy a small bus and a small truck. Having this mode of transport availiable will help the children out of their homes and into the new center Bani and Arya Bal have helped to build.

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In order to pay for the bus and truck we are selling awesome new products made right here in Newfoundland by Allen’s Fisheries Ltd. We call them Cheesy Shrimp Kicker Wontons and Crispy Thai Crab Kicker Wontons. The profits from the sale will go directly to the project. We need to sell 10,000 boxes to reach our goal, and we need your help to accomplish this.

The Fundraising Product

Allen's Fisheries' Shrimp Kicker and Crispy Thai Crab Kicker Wontons

below is the nutritional information for each type respectively, also the product as it appears in store.

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Each box contains 2.5 lbs. (approximately 90 pieces) of quality Newfoundland seafood. Coupons can be purchased for a cost of $20, and redeemed at Coleman's grocery stores in St. John's or Mt. Pearl.

Coupons can be purchased at the following locations:


Olivers restaurant at 164 Water Street

Donovan's Irving at 65 Clyde Avenue

Marine Institute's International Projects office on Ridge Road

Contact Information

For information on coupon purchase and availability contact:

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Sponsored by five great Newfoundland companies:

Allen's Fisheries
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Coleman's Grocery
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Spirit of Newfoundland
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